Please remember to come fully ready.  Touch ups are welcomed but come to the studio with hair and make up fully done. 

It's time to get prep for your shoot! Here is my FAQ guide to embracing your inner foxy lady. 

Bold lips & smoky eyes vs. Sun-kissed skin and balmy cheeks: your guide to make-up for your shoot.
Q: Is it true that my make-up should be darker and more drastic for being on camera?
A: False. Total myth. Make up is meant to enhance your God given beauty, not to cover it up.  I highly recommend getting your make up professionally done for your shoot especially if you aren't a Sephora fein and find yourself looking in the mirror with an eyelash curler wondering which direction to hold it up to your eye. 

Sexy little thing: Lingerie
3 outfit changes are included in your session and here is what I recommend bringing.  Lace is beautiful. Lacey panties and matching bras are beautiful and are a must have.  Cheeky is better. Bring a couple pairs of panties that enhance your tush. You can never go wrong with black and it is versatile. It is up to your personal preference how daring you want to get with lingerie. Garter belts, stockings and heels are my favorite and always seem to flatter everyone, plus they are smokin hot.  Lacey Bodysuits have also become a favorite and hide your tummy a little more.  Also, don't forget the heels. One of my favorite looks is a white tank and boyshort panties - always sexy, always classic. 
See my favorite looks here:
 Lacey Bralettes and the version with an underwire. 
Victorias Secret: Here's that stunning bodysuit.  VS also has the best cheeky undies.  Garter belt outfit, uh huh. 

Make-Up must haves: Countour, Contour, Contour
What you'll need: A great bronzer and highlighter.  I love Sun Bunny from Too Faced paired with High Beam from Benefit.  You can also get a great contouring kit. If you aren't familiar with the best wait to highlight the shape of your face check out this tutorial
Pucker Up: But first, exfoliate that lip! Seriously, its so important. My favorite pre-lip product is Sugar Lip Polish from Fresh.  Make sure to drink a lot of water and hydrate your lip right after scrubbing.  Bright and bold lips look amazing in pictures, but if you aren't into it you should still add a little gloss.  My favorite lipstick ever is from Urban Decay.  Their 24/7 line is unbeatable.  If you want a cheaper option the Matte Collection by NYX is killer (and only $6.) 

Professional Hair & Make-Up
Amanda McGrail Salon in Belmont is one of the best and her newly updated salon is sure to make you feel glamourous. Go visit them at their brand new Blow Dry Bar on Northland Drive.

Located at 100 Evan Dr. NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321 in a residential neighborhood near West River Drive and the ballpark.  I have a black & tan coonhound named Rubin that will love to bark at you when you park in the driveway with a wagging tail but don't worry, he will be outside hanging with the squirrels during your shoot.